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50 Productive things you can do at home during Corona Pandemic

Hi guys !!!!! Welcome back 🎯Since the Corona pandemic most of our lives is very much stagnated and many of us are living indoors for a long time. It's very likely to get bored and frustrated which will eventually increase our stress levels. If left unattended it may lead to very serious health problems. 🎯I know this because I have experienced it myself these days. And I was able to move out of this boredom and stress by practicing few simple things and it really helped me a lot. And I want to share these tips with you guys. 🎯Here are the 50 things that you can do at home and increase your knowledge and productivity and reduce stress at the same time.

So Are you ready to find out ?? Let's dive in!!!! 1. Read books 2. Learn a new language 3. Improve your communication skills 4. Learn cooking and baking 5. Make Diy Projects 6. Write a story or a book 7. Start a blog and share your thoughts and expertise 8. Spend quality time with family 9. Prepare your own mask 10. Learn photography 11. Learn new programming language 12. Learn to play an instrument 13. Start an online course 14. Learn business skills 15. Start an exercise routine 16. Do Meditation 17. Start a diet plan 18. Learn from online courses 19. Deep Clean your house 20. Organise your cupboards 21. Start a YouTube channel 22. Watch and learn from YouTube videos 23. Watch documentaries 24. Watch a Ted Talk 25. Listen to your favorite music 26. Build a new hobby 27. Learn about Art online 28. Start a Podcast 29. Listen to Podcasts 30. Play board games 31. Update your resume 32. If you are Student learn for your exams 33. Clear up your inbox and organise your emails 34. Organise your phone - delete unwanted stuff 35. Write letters of appreciation 36. Call up your old friends 37. Learn to dance 38. Learn to sing 39. Learn more about something you like and that interests you 40. Enjoy some "ME" Time 41. Write a Journal 42. Take up a challenge 43. Learn new job skills 44. Start or plan for a new Business 45. Create a list of things that make you happy 46. Improve your handlettering 47. Create a scrapbook 48. Create a vision board 49. Change one bad habit 50. Do a self reflection 🎯What is your favorite out of these ?? Let me know in comments section 💥If you like the post please like, comment and share. 💥Subscribe to my blog for more such posts. 🎯I will be back with another interesting topic soon. Until then Stay home, Stay Safe and Keep reading. Good bye 💥Follow me on Instagram : YouTube : Pinterest : Twitter : Blog : Facebook :