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Book Review #106: Random Subterranean Mosaic by Sabarna Roy

Author: Sabarna Roy

Genre: Anthology

Ratings: ⭐⭐⭐⭐/5

Random Subterranean Mosaic by Sabarna Roy is a great amalgamation of poetry, letters, short stories, conversations, proses, observations of the day to day happenings by the author. The author covers various topics ranging from politics to his personal experiences to human psychology.

The book is split into 93 chapters some of which are just 1-page length. And each chapter talks about a different topic and different memory. There are many emotions that this book touches upon from love, friendship, betrayal, relationships, death. These random musings are placed randomly in this book and it is a pleasant one time read for the readers.

I took this book as the title was very intriguing and I wanted to see what this book is encompassed. And having read this author's other books this was a different read altogether which surprised me very much. The vocabulary too unlike his other books was very simple and could be read by anyone.

The author has included his personal experiences and memories from his childhood and the letters were very heart touching. The story could sometimes feel like an autobiography of the author.

Although there are few chapters where I had a different perspective compared to the author this book was very enjoyable to read for me. The writing style as always amazing and the cover pic is very fascinating.

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