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Book Review #109: Age was...Just a Number by Shaheen Kazi

Author: Shaheen Kazi

Genre: Romance, Fiction

Ratings: ⭐⭐⭐⭐/5

What do you feel when the person you fall in love with is 17 years elder to you? Is it just an infatuation or is it true love?

The same thing happened with Sameera, a 15-year-old teenager who fell in love with James, the 32-year-old neighbour. It was love at first sight for Sameera but does James feel the same for her?

Teenage love and most importantly the first love is always special for anyone. Sameera too was very content with her first love but soon her love life came crashing down and is left heartbroken.

Will she recover from this heartbreak?

Will she ever meet her true love?

Or will Sameera and James cross paths again?

The story is a perfect example to show that age doesn't matter as long as its true love. And it focuses on haste decisions that teenagers take especially when they misunderstand their infatuation or crush to be love.

The story is narrated very beautifully and all the characters are given equal importance. I loved the character of Harpreet, Sameera's friend. The pace of the story is decent and the language is simple and lucid.

I liked the book and I recommend everyone to give this book a read.

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