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Book Review # 11 : If We Last - After Crossing a Light year

Author : Ishita Banik

Genre : Fiction / Thriller

Ratings : ⭐⭐⭐. 5 /5

Thank you Author Ishita Banik and team for the review copy.

This story is about three protagonists Avipsa, Reyansh and Mahika. Avipsa is a college student from Kolkata whereas Reyansh is an Engineer from Mumbai. We don't have much information about Mahika in the story.

Reyansh is devastated because of his break up with his girlfriend Mahika. Avipsa meets him when she goes to Mumbai to attend a function and becomes friends. The story shows how Reyansh needs Avipsa to help him come out of the depression and loneliness that he is going through and they continue to develop a great bond while chatting online and gradually Avipsa starts falling in love with him.

Avipsa moves to Bangalore for her job while Reyansh stays in Mumbai. Avipsa's life gets entangled with a stalker who followed her all through to Bangalore and who somehow starts messing with her personal life. She tries various methods to catch that person but in vain. When she discusses this problem with her friend Preeti she advises her to meet a doctor.

Will Reyansh help her in this ?

Will she find out who the stalker is?

The narration was really simple and easy to understand and I liked the way the author has explained the historical places really well.

But I felt the title is not in connection with the storyline. After reading the title I thought it would be a fantasy or science fiction book but it's not and that was a great disappointment for me. And I felt the author could have done a better at editing and proofreading.

And Mahika's character is not shown much and with the cliffhanger at the end you are left confused and waiting for the sequel.

Overall not a great book but still the author has done a good job.

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