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Book Review #110: L.I.T - Lost in Translation by Himanshu Goel

Author: Himanshu Goel

Genre: Poetry

Ratings: ⭐⭐⭐⭐/5

L.I.T is a simple and short poetry book. This is a unique book in the sense that the author has used his native words and tried to give a meaning to them.

We say the words like Ashiqui, Khwaish, Sukoon and so on very casually and never try to give them the importance that these words deserve.

What do you understand by the name Khwaish? Is love and Ashiqui the same? When do you say you have sukoon?

The author has very beautifully explained these words that every reader can relate to them easily.

The goal you want to achieve, the feeling you get when you meet the person you love for the first time, throttle conversations that makes a huge difference, the silence which speaks a thousand words without saying it everything is very artistically explained by the author.

The book is a short read which you can finish in one sitting and the poems although are just 3 or 4 lines, I found it very captivating.

These poems have so much depth in it that it goes straight to your heart. I have read many books from this author and this is also one of his best attempts.

I loved all the poems few of my favourites being Ashiqui, Manzil, Aarzoo.

I loved this book and I recommend it to every poetry lover.

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