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Book Review #112: My Precious Dreams by Rajan V Kokkuri

Author: Rajan V Kokkuri

Genre: Short Stories

Ratings: ⭐⭐⭐/5

This book is a collection of 5 short stories with different themes.

1. Rare Footsteps

2. By 2 Coffee

3. Love Buds in Bloom

4. Destiny

5. Will I see him again?

I liked the first story RARE FOOTSTEPS which is about a father's sacrifices for his children and family. It feels like the protagonist is giving tribute to his father who has been his support and motivation throughout his life.

This book is an amalgamation of dreams, memories, friendship, love, family and each story gives us something to learn. The author has beautifully narrated the stories and I like the way he has depicted each character and their point of view.

The Rare footsteps is the longest story and I liked the story destiny which is about the importance of gratitude.The book needs a little more editing work as there is a lot of grammatical errors and repetition of words. Apart from that, it was a pleasant read.

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