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Book Review #116: The Belvoirbrooke Haunting by Abhirup Dhar

Author: Abhirup Dhar

Genre: Horror

Ratings: ⭐⭐⭐⭐/5

Nihith and his wife Jemisha move to Belvoirbrooke Tea estate, Darjeeling for his job. He was allotted an infamous bungalow to stay which is assumed to be haunted.

After shifting to the bungalow, Jemisha starts to feel some unusual happenings around her which scare the hell out of her. Frightened with everything that's happening they decide to call a paranormal investigator, Chitin Burman to understand the actual reality of the bungalow.

Is Chitin helping them or is he here on a purpose?

Is there a ghost in the bungalow or is it just a nightmare?

Will they be able to resolve the mystery?

This story is very spine chilling and an interesting read. The author knows how to keep the suspense alive and make readers wanting for more. He has not left a single chance to unnerve the reader. And the epilogue is something that no one can except. The narration was really good and the language is simple.

I really liked the book and if you like to read horror stories then this book is definitely for you.

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