• Priya

Book Review #12 : Swipe Left by Himanshu Goel

Author : Himanshu Goel

Genre : Romantic Thriller

Ratings : ⭐⭐⭐⭐/5

Thanks Himanshu Goel and team for the review copy.

Naina after breaking up with her boyfriend Karan creates an online dating profile on Mategram app with help of her friend Riya where she meets Ranveer, a chef.

They go on a date to know each other. Ranveer turns out to be a psychopath and has hidden something in his house which scares Naina.She tries to run away but in vain.

What is Ranveer hiding?

Will she escape from Ranveer?

What will happen to Naina?

This book is just 17 pages on kindle and I liked the storyline a lot and the end was satisfying but if it had been a complete book I would have enjoyed it much better.

The narration of the story is really good and simple. Author has done a great job there.

It is a Romantic Thriller but as it's been made into short story you don't find much excitement and thrill while reading. Story finishes very fast and that's my only disappointment.

Would love to read it as a complete novel.

Overall it was a good read.



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