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Book Review #120 : Janaka and Ashtavakra by Ashraf Karayath

Author: Ashraf Karayath

Genre: Mythology

Ratings: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐/5

We have been reading and listening to various versions of the epic Ramayan that it gives a sense of serenity and contentment whenever you hear the story. Even though we think we have read the complete Ramayan there is however some story within this tale which is unknown to us. And it gives us so much satisfaction when you hear the various interpretations of the epic.

When you think of Ramayan you know you are talking about Shri Ram and Sita. But there is something beyond this story which needs to be understood by everyone. This book gives us one such story of wisdom that comes with a lot of knowledge and motivation.

This book gives us the story of King Janaka and Ashtavakra and how the wisdom of Ashtavakra changed the way of thinking of King Janaka. King Janaka arranged the great swayamvar of Sita and is expecting royalties to be present but at the same time, his dream and intuition are causing him to think twice on his decisions. And to top it there is an impending war against Mithila by few opponent Kingdoms.

Ashtavakra, although crippled by birth attained wisdom and enlightenment at a very young age. He comes to Mithila to Janaka's palace in search of his father, sage Kahoda and to provide solution to King Janaka's confusion through his wisdom. Although everyone believes there is an impending catastrophe King Janaka stays in a spiritual path finding liberation.

This story shows that age and physical disabilities don't decide your wisdom. It depends on your behaviour, intelligence and control over your mind. It not only tells the tale but also gives the readers a lot of wisdom and knowledge. The author has narrated this tale so beautifully that you cannot stop flipping the pages until the end. The language used is lucid and the way of storytelling is just amazing.

I loved reading this book and its a must-read for everyone.

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