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Book Review #121: 5 Questions of the Inquistive Apes by Subhrashis Adhikari

Author: Subhrashis Adhikari

Genre: Self-help / personal development

Ratings: ⭐⭐⭐⭐/5

The author through his book attempts to answer those thought-provoking questions which we had always wanted an answer for but never made an effort to find out.

The author chose common yet intriguing questions like

Who are We?

How we came to be?

Is sex bad?

How to make sense of the universe? And

How to be happy?

This book throws light on these questions scientifically rather than a religious or traditional way. The book has tons of information on our origin, our past and our thought process. Taking from the big bang theory to the modern-day chaos everything is explained through scientific proficiency.

The author has done extensive research on the questions and has given comprehensive answers to the same. The language could be quite difficult to grasp for few readers as it contains a lot of scientific terms and explanations.

This book is very helpful for everyone and I loved every bit of it. I recommend this to everyone.

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