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Book Review #122: Unlock Shackles by Saroj Sudan

Author: Saroj Sudan

Genre: Fiction

Ratings: ⭐⭐⭐⭐/5

The story is about Pallavi and her mother Sarla who are facing physical abuse by her father every day and who strives to escape from this hell and unlock all the shackles that are holding her from attaining her dreams.

Pallavi's father wants to marry her to an aged person whose family is somehow involved in a crime. Having spent years suffering from domestic violence Pallavi and Sarla finally decide to move away from him and lead a happy and meaningful life. With help from her aunt Sudha, they move to her place while looking for better opportunities in life.

The story focuses on Pallavi's journey of how she unlocks her shackles and become successful with her efforts and dedication. The story shows us the bitter truth of our society where a girl child is considered a burden and boy child a boon. It throws light on the sufferings of a woman in a very subtle way.

The story is very interesting and inspiring to read. And it gives a lot of knowledge and motivation to everyone reading. It gives a message to everyone that a girl can achieve anything with her determination without depending on others. Overall it was an inspirational read.

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