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Book Review #123: Finally I Embraced Reality by Rakesh Deshpande

Author: Rakesh Deshpande

Genre: Fiction

Ratings: ⭐⭐⭐⭐/5

This is a story of protagonist Aahan who is going through a phase of breakup and is living with his friend Daksh who is a free-spirited, lively person. Aahan feels low thinking his stammering is the reason no one likes him. Daksh tries to cheer Aahan and takes him on an unexpected date to meet a girl Tanvi along with his girlfriend Ridhima.

Aahan likes Tanvi and befriend her and continue to chat with her. Their relationship turns from friendship to love but Aahan is confused. Will he accept Tanvi? Will he overcome his past and move on?

This is a simple story of friendship, love, betrayal, ego and heartbreak. Through story, the author shows us the ups and downs of any relationship and how our ego and misconceptions can damage the relationships. It shows how important it is to listen to the other person patiently before the matter gets out of our hand.

I liked the story but one thing I couldn't understand was why did Aahan feel something looking at a receptionist but it never made clear in the story. Overall it was a good story.

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