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Book Review #125 : Mystery of Urban Monks by Vikram Singh

Author: Vikram Singh

Genre: Fiction

Ratings: ⭐⭐⭐⭐/5

I really like reading those books which gives us some wisdom and a lot of valuable teachings through its narration of a story. This book is one such kind which although is a fictional story, has a lot to offer to every person who reads it.

John, a writer by profession meets Yogi on his journey to Varanasi via train. While he is looking for a story for his next book, yogu narrates to him as story of there friends Krish, Tony and Asif who are different by nature but connected through soul.

Krish, Tony and Asif plan a trip to Goa to escape from the boring life and have fun but an unprecedented incident and meeting a few people in this journey changes their lives altogether. The author has very beautifully narrated the story till the end and the life lessons that he gives through his book for every human being is worth appreciating.

I liked the way the author has explained the significance of the historical places and a glimpse of our history throughout his book. The journey of the trio to various places from Varanasi to Tibet is very mesmerizing to read. The pace of the story is very decent and the language is simple and lucid. I liked the story and I recommend it to everyone.

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