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Book Review #13 : A Book About Bob by J. L. Newman

Author : J L Newman

Genre : Young Adult - Humorous Fiction

Ratings : ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐/5

Thanks Author J L Newman for the review copy.

Bob is an overweight or a obese, lazy, incompetent person who loves just two things, food and his comfy Sofa. He accidentally gets selected by an organization to work as a spy to uncover few secrets. While on his mission he meets Daiana Punk and falls in love with her. Daiana's aunt Matilda kidnapped Daiana to get her to agree to her terms. Bob seeing his love in trouble goes into full action mode and tries to rescue her while facing many difficulties on his way.

So what's his mission?

Why is Diana in trouble?

Will Bob save Daiana ?

Will his love be reciprocated??

You need to read the book to find out.

Well I just loved this book so much I can't explain in words. The author's sense of humor is too good and he sure know how to keep the readers hooked. It made me laugh so much and I cannot take this story out of my mind anytime soon.

I liked everything about this story. The way the author described Bob and other characters in funny ways, the storyline, the narration, the funny punch of author to the readers, the way Bob tries to save his damsel in distress everything. I would love to read more books from the author.

I strongly recommend this book to all those who love reading humorous fiction books and others can read too. Just read the book, you will enjoy it as much as I did. Trust me, read and you will thank me later.

Book Blurb:
This is a book about Bob. That’s really all you need to know as almost every page within this book is about Bob. Bob, is a lovable overweight man with his mind constantly on food. He wakes up one day to accidentally become a ******. I would like to tell you what he becomes, but if I told you he was a secret agent/spy then it would no longer be a secret. As the story unfolds, things get more complicated and his full potential is unleashed upon humankind. This is a story of romance, scantily clad grannies, overeating, things that go “bang!” and a lot of nonsensical ramblings. Readers should be warned that the story involves much gibberish and twoddlesnaps, a fair amount of bumble harnessing and several accounts of Moo. The amount of sheer lunacy within the pages of this book are known to leave lasting mental scars on its readers and we take no responsibility for any of it unless we want to. Overall this is a book about things, happenings, occurrences and stuff. More than anything else, however, this is a Book About Bob! Enjoy!

Author Bio :

Born in England, residing in Panama and on the road to insanity. My humour is my greatest gift so I should be greatly pitied in many regards. I used to try to attempt to write complex novels until I realized that being ridiculous, nonsensical and unorthodox was by far the easier route less travelled. I aspire to write in a style between Mark Evans, Roald Dahl and Douglas Adams. However, in reality, I am much more inclined to write like a deranged Chimpanzee on a typewriter with delusions of grandeur and a penchant for self-invented language. I don’t plan on making much money but I hope I can bring some laughter to peoples lives and that people remember me like that guy, you know, the one who wrote that really funny book. I always liked to read and write and I have been able to do both without too many grandmar or spilling errors for a couple of years now. My dream is to have many people read my books and then I’m falling from a plane and then I’m a dinosaur, no wait! I’m in bed, why is my dog talking? Anyway, I hope you enjoy my books and you don’t suffer too much trauma as a result. As a great philosopher once said: “Brenda you burnt the toast again”. With that, I bid your farewell and good teatimes.

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Disclaimer : I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. So the above is my honest opinion of what I felt while reading the book.



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