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Book Review #130: Papa by Jiganshu Sharma

Author: Jiganshu Sharma

Genre: Crime thriller

Ratings: ⭐⭐⭐⭐/5

The story is a crime thriller which focuses on the murder of Ishita Mehra and the investigation by inspector Rajeev Singhmar.

Ishita is murdered suspiciously and there is no evidence of any struggle or molestation which makes the case complicated for the police. She lived with her mom, brothers Ritesh and Pawan and her sister Geetu, who is mentally unstable. And Ritesh who is the sole breadwinner of the house and loves his family so much is devastated with his sister's death.

As his first crime investigation, Rajeev is over-enthusiastic and hell-bent on finding the murderer. As the investigation begins the case gets more and more complicated as he meets dead end every time.

And it takes us through different psychological sequences, a lot of mystery, suspense and it is so captivating that it is sure to keep the readers hooked to story.

Is it a murder or suicide?

Will the police be able to crack the mystery?

The author has narrated the story beautifully and the language is simple and lucid, the place of the story is decent. It us very interesting to read of the police is able to solve the mystery or not. It is definitely a page-turner. I liked this story and I recommend it to everyone.

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