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Book Review #131 : Written by D.A.Lee

Author: D.A.Lee

Genre: Fiction

Ratings: ⭐⭐⭐⭐/5

”I wasn’t born for it all to be written for me. I was born to write it.”

The story is about the life of a girl who strives to overcome the barriers and struggles a religion imposes on a woman during her lifetime. The story is narrated front he perspective of the protagonist Eleanor.

Eleanor is a girl in a Muslim family where her parents have already instilled in her mind which they think Allah has written for her. She has been told from the beginning how women should be covered from top to bottom with intricate fabric and heavy jewellery, how women should not argue with men, how women cannot continue their education because they need to take care of their kids and husband.

Eleanor although had the privilege to study and find a job she gave into the traditions and get married to a person who doesn't respect or care for her in any way. Having gone through domestic violence and abuse she awaits the day when she can write her own story. Fortunately, she meets a woman who destroys the misconceptions fed to her by her family.

The story may be little hard to get through for some readers but the fact that although its a fictional story, it is based on true events of the author's life makes anyone feel connected to it. It's a story of love, betrayal, courage and secrets. It's very heart wrenching to read how the women were treated by the name of religion. Even though the times have changed, these situations still prevail in a few households.

The story narrated very well and at a fast pace. It is definitely a page-turner for me and I couldn't put this book down even for a minute. I really liked the story and I recommend everyone to give it a read once.

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