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Book Review/#134: Shadows in the Night by Suny Misra

Author: Suny Misra

Genre: Fiction

Ratings: ⭐⭐⭐⭐/5

The protagonist of the story Ambarish Chatterjee getting off on a forsaken station where he is all alone except for station master. The station master informs him there is no train at that particular hour and he is stuck till morning. His loneliness and the interaction with the station master, his daughter and a lady who sings magnificently makes him reminisce the beautiful and the tragic moments of his life.

Ambarish is happily married to Nisha and has an intelligent boy Akash. But destiny was not in favour of him, that it snatched the love of his life, his wife and son. Devastated with their deaths Ambarish succumbs to Schizophrenia and his family struggles to bring him out of the situation.

The story gives an eerie presence when Ambarish starts hallucinating. Is it just his hallucination or is there something else that doesn't meet the eye? What is the station master, his daughter and the strange lady doing in the forsaken station? Why do they remind Ambarish of his past life?

The story focuses on Ambarish's school days, college, love life, his determination to prove himself worthy for his love, friendship etc. The narration of the story is really smooth and the language used is simple and lucid. The way the author has explained the Schizophrenia and how people behave insensitively towards those who suffer from them is just spot on. Overall it was a good read and I enjoyed reading it.

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