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Book Review #137: The Boat Song by Smita Vasudevan

Author: Smita Vasudevan

Genre: Fiction

Ratings: ⭐⭐⭐⭐/5

The story is set in the backdrop of the God's own country Kerala. It focuses on the life of the protagonist Swasthi for whom her home and her village is the most beloved. She strives to achieve many things but given that she stays close to her home. But her sister is of a different opinion to hers. Despite the differences, the sisters are inseparable.

The story focuses on Swasthi's school days, her family, grandma's love, sister's rivalry, the culture, traditions, cuisine and the serene beauty of Kerala, her college days, her achievements and much more. But something awaits her in the future which changes her life and effects the only thing she holds dear.

The story is a pleasant read and I loved the way the author has depicted the places and the story not only mentions Kerala but also takes you to different places which will leave you mesmerised. The language is simple and the story is narrated very well. It shows how a person can make any place their home if our values and roots are respected and are preserved.

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