• Priya

Book Review #138: Pain and Pleasure by Stephanie Owen

Author: Stephanie Owen

Genre: Poetry

Ratings: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐/5

This book is a beautiful collection of amazing poems and lyrics split into two parts dealing with the most important human emotions pain and pleasure. The author has covered various emotions in her poems like love, heartbreak, longing for loved ones, infatuation, struggles and chaos in relationships and so on very beautifully that it keeps the readers wanting for more.

The wordplay, the way of writing and the storytelling through these poems are just amazing. The poems in this book have so much depth to it and you need to invest more time and effort in understanding those. It is not an easy read for beginners.

The author used rhyming and lyrical stricture to the poems that suits them so well and each poem is unique and tells you a different story. There are so many wonderful poems in this book that I can't really pick a favourite.

I loved all the poems in this book and I recommend it to every poetry reader.

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