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Book Review #141: The Invisible Guardian by Nikhila Chalamalasetty

Author: Nikhila Chalamasetty

Genre: Fiction

Ratings: ⭐⭐⭐⭐/5

The story starts with an old woman comforting a young girl who is upset with her life and telling her how an angel, God or an invisible guardian is always watching over us and taking care of us. When the girl disapproves this theory the lady tells her a story to prove her point.

The story is about Aishwarya, a girl in her mid twenties living with her younger brother and sister and how she overcomes her struggles and barriers and succeeds in her life all throughout being watched over by a guardian unknown to her.

Is the guardian watching her actually helping Aishwarya or will it cause more troubles in her life?

This is a story of hardships, belief, love and hard work. And it shows believing in little miracles doesn't hurt. The narration was very decent and the language used is simple and lucid. I loved it when the real identity of old lady is revealed at the end. Its a unique kind of story and I liked it.

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