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Book Review #142: Go to sleep Little Peep by Brendilynn Mantey-Annor

Author: Brendilynn Mantey-Annor

Illustrated by : Jonathan Velasco

Genre: Children's picture book

Ratings: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐/5

This is the story of a little chick who is unable to sleep. Her Mama is worried about her and asks her to sleep early as it is good for her health. But just like any other curious and inquisitive kids, the little peep has so many questions which need to be answered.

What are those questions?

Does Mama Chick able to answer them and put the little peep to sleep?

This is such a fun-filled picture book. The book has beautiful and colourful illustrations that any child would be delighted to look at it. The story shows us the lovely relation between mom and her kids and how answering the kid's questions with utmost cautiousness is important.

This book is suitable for children of all age and even elders could read it for fun. I recommend all parents to get this book for their kids. I loved this book.

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