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Book Review #145: Enchanted Frangipanis Nisha Harbola

Author: Nisha Harbola

Genre: Fiction

Ratings: ⭐⭐⭐⭐/5

This story is an emotional rollercoaster which focuses on the ups and downs of the married life of Adita and Meher.

Meher wakes up one day to find Aditya missing. At first she thinks he has gone to work and proceeds with her routine work. But when he did not return she gets suspicious and calls all her relatives, friends to find out about him but nobody had any clue as to where he is.

The story focuses on Meher recalling the events of the day Aditya went missing and trying to find out the mystery behind his sudden disappearance. All through this she remained indifferent without showcasing her emotions which causes everyone to doubt her intentions including her parents.

Where is Aditya?

Is Meher really trying to find out where he is or does she have a role in his disappearance as everyone thinks?

Will Aditya ever come back?

The story is very interesting and kept me hooked till the end. It story shifts between past and present many times but it doesn't cause any confusion and the climax was unexpected. The character of Meher is very complicated but somehow I liked this character very much. The writing style of the author is very good and the language used is simple and lucid.

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