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Book Review #146: My Soul Rants by Gurpreet Dhariwal

Author: Gurpreet Dhariwal

Genre: Poetry

Ratings: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐/5

'My soul rants' is an amazing collection of poems which focus on various themes that carry raw emotions straight from the author's heart.

There are more than 60 poems in the book and each of the poems is unique and very comforting to read. The readers can relate to at least few if not all the poems. There are many poems which truly touched my heart.

There are poems dedicated to the Mumbai attacks which are very heart-wrenching, and the poem A cute little Angel which is dedicated to her Nephew is very lovely.

The poems focus on love, heartbreak, acceptance, being a woman, hope, revenge, letting go of emotions, pain, fear and the recovery phase and many other things. There are poems which are not numbered but carry an equal essence like the other 60 poems. And one poem broken girl gives account of the atrocity that rape victims go through.

All of the poems are really beautiful and satisfying to read that its very hard to pick a favourite. But still I did like a few poems more than the others like Take me as I Am, a broken girl, Self recovery, My Soul rants are among them.

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