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Book Review #147: Raja of Nowhere by Deepak Rosha

Author: Deepak Rosha

Genre: Fiction

Ratings: ⭐⭐⭐⭐/5

Story starts in Lahore where a baby named Sudhir is kidnapped and the police are unable to trace the kidnapper and find the baby. Then the story shifts 70 years later to New Delhi.

Jagnnath Kumar, an eminent politician who is famously called the Raja of Nowhere selects Shamim Noor, an investigative journalist to write his autobiography whom he trusted could keep it confidential. The story then focuses on Jagannath narrating his past records to Shamim. And one day he receives a letter which apparently related to his birth, shocks him to the core and is unaware of what decision he must take further. In midst of all this Jagannath passes away but Shamim suspicious about his death tries to find out the reason behind his death.

What did the letter enclose?

How did it affect him?

Was Jagannath's death natural or is it murder?

Will Shamim resolve the mystery behind all this?

The relation between the kidnapped baby and Jagannath and the reason behind the baby's kidnap is really interesting to read. I liked the way the two stories are intertwined. The story very smoothly transforms between the past and the present without causing any confusion to the readers. The narration of the story is decent and the language is very simple and lucid.

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