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Book Review #148: The Power of Being organised by Nimish Desai

Author: Nimish Desai

Genre: Self-help

Ratings: ⭐⭐⭐⭐/5

These days there is no shortage of self-help books. But this book is very different from others in a sense that it gives a very well structured guide to the civil engineers whose career lies in the construction sites.

The author through his decades of experience gives a very detailed step by step information and tips that a civil engineer needs to know before entering into his job. He also gives an account of the important tools and documents that need to be maintained to make his job easier and error-free.

He explains how being organised in any job is very important and how it can help you attain success in your career. He also shares how important it is to have an on-site experience wh9ch could prove to be very beneficial in a civil engineer's career growth.

Although this is a book especially for the civil engineers, it could prove helpful to everybody who reads it unless you implement what you attain from it in your life. This book is a boon to all civil engineers.

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