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Book Review #149: Warming Fumes by Saurabh Pant

Author: Saurabh Pant

Genre: Poetry

Ratings: ⭐⭐⭐⭐/5

'Warming Fumes' is a collection of poems which are purely related to nature and the extent to which humans are damaging it. Being read the author's other book 'Warming Boom' I felt the poems in this book are just as beautiful and effective as his previous book.

The author through his poems tries to convey a very strong message to every human being about the destruction of the natural resources which are mostly man-made and the possible effects it has on our lives.

The book is divided into fragments and each of them starts with the author's explanation of the topic which I felt is brilliant and then followed by poems. Each poem is very deep and carries a strong message.

The poems focus on the destruction of forests, melting of glaciers, heating temperature, global warming and causes and effects of the same in a very precise and artistic way. These poems can prove to be a motivation to nature lovers who strive to protect it from any harm.

The poems although looks complicated is very easy to comprehend and the language used is simple and lucid. The author's commitment towards the nature is really commendable. All the poems are so effective that its very hard to pick a favourite. I will say all the poems are my favourite.

I loved this book and I recommend everyone to give this book a read and try your best to protect the nature and its resources.

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