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Book Review #15 : Stories For The Heart by Alexandra Antipa

Author : Alexandra Antipa

Genre : Memoir

Ratings : ⭐⭐⭐⭐. 5/5

Thanks Author Alexandra Antipa for the review copy.

We all love our family and friends so much but we never give them time they deserve. We realise their value only when they are away from us. Death is one thing which separates us from our loved ones forever and our regrets of not giving our relationship time will be with us always.

Each and every person of our lives teaches us something but we realise it only after they leave us. It's very important to give our relationships much needed attention so that we don't regret later on.

Author Alexandra Antipa in her memoir cherishes the moments she had with her loved ones, her parents, grandparents, teachers, friends even her pets. She shares her regrets, happy and sad moments with readers. She tries to re-live the moments of her life. She shares her feelings when she lost her loved ones.

I could feel her emotions through her words and felt sad for her loss. After reading the book you will realise the mistakes you are making in your life not giving time to your family and friends. I recommend this book for everyone. You should definitely try this book.

Overall it was a great read.

Author Bio:
My name is Alexandra Antipa, I am 34-years old and I live in the peaceful town of Korschenbroich, in Germany, together with my daughter and husband. I am a freelance writer and translator, and I speak English, German and Romanian, the latter being my native language. I have studied physiotherapy and journalism, and this is my first published book.
I love to read and my passion for books is the number one reason for which I decided to write. Music is my other passion and I did some of my best writing while listening to Etta James and her live interpretation of “I’d rather be blind” at Montreux in 1975. I am a firm believer in the healing power of the written word, and I hope for the future to hold only great things for me.

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