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Book Review #150: The Final Act of Love by Manjiri Prabhu

Author: Manjiri Prabhu

Genre: Thriller, short read

Ratings: ⭐⭐⭐⭐/5

Once a famous and renowned actress now a murder accused, Falguni Verma is meandering the streets of Sarojini Market in Delhi in search of her long lost love Paras. Once overjoyed with a lot of stardom and fame she is now lonely and desperate to regain everything she has lost after 20 years.

But the fear of being unrecognised by the people whom she loved long ago and fear of getting rejected fills her heart and mind with a scepticism. But somewhere in her heart, she feels she will be able to reconcile with Paras but is it that easy? What if Paras rejects her? Well with a knife in her pocket she has prepared for that too.

Will Paras recognize her after 20 long years?

Or will he dismiss knowing her?

What does destiny have in plan for Falguni and Paras?

This book is a very short read which you can finish it in just half an hour. But the story is very intriguing that it keeps the readers wanting for more. I actually felt bad that the story finished so fast. The author has very nicely narrated the story and maintained the suspense till the end. The changes in the character of Paras was very interesting to read. The ending was simply unexpected. I liked the story very much and I recommend it to everyone who loves short thrill reads.

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