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Book Review #157: Shiva Origins by Dinesh Veera

Author: Dinesh Veera

Genre: Mythology

Ratings: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐/5

There are so many books already written on Lord Shiva. So I was a bit sceptical before picking it up as I thought it might not meet my expectations as I have already gone through Shiva Trilogy which is phenomenal and a complete package in itself but oh boy! I am proven wrong.

'Shiva Origin' is not just a random tale about his arrival and his supreme power. Rather it combines the two worlds seamlessly, the one we humans live in and the other Angelic one.

Author did a commendable job in showing us the true picture of history by talking about one of the oldest and longest reign Chola dynasty. Our history textbooks just glorifies Mughals who were nothing more than morons.

Also the way writer has talked about the Advent of Yoga was so insightful and a treat to know. So many aspects are covered in the book so effortlessly that it doesn't seem to be the debut work. Book ends on a cliffhanger and make me highly curious to wait earnestly for its sequels.

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