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Book Review #158: Crystal Shadows by RJ Parker

Author: RJ Parker

Genre: Fantasy

Ratings: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐/5

Crystal shadows is a story filled with fun, surprise, thrill which will keep the readers interested throughout the story make them wanting for more.

The story is about Sarah Fields who lives with her father and shares a very friendly relation with him. They share the same birthday along her grandfather who's existence is mere suspense in the story.

The characters of Sarah's friends Jack, Shaw and Rachel are very interesting to read and feels like a typical teenage gang of friends you would have in college. I liked the character of Shaw very much. His character was the most funny and they all love each other so much so that they can go to any extent for one another.

During one of their endeavours in Sarah's house, they find someone living in her attic. Although they get scared at first, later decides to find out about the suspense and what they find shocks them to the core. And to top it all they find out that they are been chosen to power up the Telum Deos which helps to eradicate all the darkness of the world.

The story is very enthralling and the author's amazing talent of storytelling is worth applauding. The mention of Dracula and the mystery of Sarah's grandfather and the fun-filled adventures of the friends, Shaw's drama and humour is just what the readers need in every book. I totally loved this book.

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