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Book Review #16 : Bloom For Yourself by Sneha Narayanan

Author : Sneha Narayanan Genre : Poetry Ratings : ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐/5

Many times we see people body shaming or fat shaming , commenting on the type of dress we wear or the way we talk to others, and they think they get to decide how we should talk, laugh, sit or wear clothes.Nobody has the right to choose your choices expect yourself.

I got this book after seeing impressive reviews on instagram and all those 5 star ratings and was very excited to read this. I am happy to have read this.

The author in this beautiful collection of poems talks about all these things and how to be yourself, never regretting if you are an average person or fat or anything. I could actually feel what the author was trying to say and could relate to most of the things she mentioned in her poems.

The author's poems are all about positivity, kindness and self love. My favourite poems from this book are Fat shaming , Be kind and Love or Attachment, Gratitude and Never give up. If I have to describe this book in one line, it would be, 'What a sensational book of inspiring poetry'. 'Love is rare, likes are in heap, Liking suffocates you underwater and, Love just swims in deep....' I enjoyed this book from beginning to the end and the poems are very easy to understand and very inspiring. I would recommend it to everyone. My best wishes to the author and I hope she comes up with more such beautiful works. About Author :

Sneha Narayanan is an award winning blogger and writer. She won the Best Personal development award in 2019. She quit her job at IBM India to pursue her passion for writing. An Army officer's daughter, Sneha was born in Delhi and raised all over the country. This is her first attempt at writing poems, in the hope that it will resonate with people who have faced similar situations and help them on their path to self discovery. A post graduate (MBA) by qualification and a writer by passion, she aspires to become a novelist someday. Thats all for today guys. If you like the post please like, comment and share. Don't forget to subscribe to my blog for more such reviews. I will be back with another interesting book soon. Until then Keep Reading. Goodbye.



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