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Book Review #160: Disguise by Samuel Dharmendar

Author: Samuel Dharmendar

Genre: Thriller

Ratings: ⭐⭐⭐⭐/5

The story starts with Tarsha, a 28-year-old being attacked by two hooligans. Luckily she is saved by Jude Ryan, a doctor who was on his way to his home. He took her to his home and treated her. She contacts her boyfriend cum police officer Armando and informs her about her attack.

On the other hand, the business tycoon Sanjay Tandon and his wife met with an accident and was declared spot dead and their funeral rituals were being shown on news channels and Tarsha feels hurt watching this. Armando is hell-bent on finding out the culprits and solve the mystery. And the facts that emerge from his investigations is very thrilling to read.

Who tried to attack Tarsha and why?

Why did Tarsha feel hurt watching the funeral of Tandon's?

What is the relation between Tandon's and Tarsha?

Will they ever solve the mystery?

The story is an amalgamation of thrill, mystery and romance. The story is very interesting to read and the twists and turns included in the story just make the readers hooked to it till the end. Although I felt there was a little exaggeration of description at some points, the story was very intriguing. And after reading the cliff hanger at the end I just can't wait for the second book.

The book is a short read which you can finish it one sitting. The language is very simple and lucid and the narration was very pleasant. The cover pic and the title are very apt for the story. I liked the book and I recommend it to everyone.

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