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Book Review #161: Everything I Never Told You by Ajay K Pandey

Author: Ajay K Pandey

Genre: Fiction

Ratings: ⭐⭐⭐⭐/5

Love has no religion but even in today's modern society inter-caste or inter-religion relationships are a taboo. Author Ajay K Pandey has very beautifully depicted this sensitive issue in his book.

This is a story of two childhood friends turned lovers Roshan and Soha who see from different religions. Their love had to meet several hurdles due to religious differences and their respect towards their respective families and eventually they get separated.

They meet again years after and wish to be together but this time they have to face and convince Roshan's 17-year-old son Anuj. Yet again they have to face the hurdles of religious differences.

Will they ever come together?

Will they be able to convince Anuj?

The book focuses on serious issues like religion, faith in God, inter-religion marriages etc. I like the concept of finding out about different religion as their belief in God. The story moves at a slow pace and sometimes feels little exaggerated but the concept is really good.

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