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Book Review #162: The Diary of My Love by Deesha Sangani

Author: Deesha Sangani

Genre: Romance Fiction

Ratings: ⭐⭐⭐⭐/5

The story revolves around the protagonists Anushka and Ayush. Anushka is a lively, practical and career-oriented girl whose ambition is to become an author. For Ayush, it was love at first sight when he saw Anushka. The story gives Anushka's journey through her diary. Anushka and Ayush we're colleagues turned friends who understand each other very well.

Anushka had a bitter past and suffered emotionally with her breakup with Sahil. But she could overcome this feeling only with the help of Ayush. Ayush loves her but is reluctant to confess his love as he is a divorcee and is doubtful if her family would agree to their relation. Anushka decides to surprise Ayush on his birthday by going to his place in Nainital. But destiny in turn surprises her in a way she could never forget.

Will Ayush and Anushka come together?

What surprise is awaiting Anushka in Nainital?

This is a simple yet heart touching story which is narrated beautifully by the author. The friendship between Karan and Anushka makes us wish we had such a friend in our life. The characters and plot are developed very nicely. The bond between Ayush and Anushka is very emotional yet beautiful. The language is simple and lucid. The diary entries make the story more enjoyable. Overall it was a good read.

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