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Book Review #164: Aatma Bandhana by Sanjay Rajarao

Author: Sanjay Rajarao

Genre: Horror

Ratings: ⭐⭐⭐⭐/5

After a long time I picked up a Kannada novel to read and it's always a pleasure reading books in our mother tongue. I am very impressed with the way the author has weaved this story.

This story starts with Indraja, daughter of Indra, the God of Heaven travelling with her father around the palace of Yamaraj, the God of Hell. Indra and Yamaraj are worried about the missing souls from earth after their deaths, which could put their jobs at risk.

And the only way they could think of avoiding such a disaster is the birth of Indraja on the earth as a human. They think only Indraja can solve the mystery. On the other hand looking at the sufferings and emotions of the souls in Hell, she gets a desire to be born on earth.

The story thus follows Indraja's life as a human and how she solves the mystery behind the missing souls along with the understanding the reality of human life. The story had good mix of horror and sentiments.

The way the author has narrated the story and usage of words is perfect. Although I felt there is not much of a eerie feeling while reading the book but it will definitely keep the readers hooked till the end. And the book is a short read which I finished in one sitting.

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