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Book Review #167: The Mystery Of Utmost Happiness by Ranjana Kamo

Author: Ranjana Kamo

Genre: Self-help

Ratings: ⭐⭐⭐⭐/5

'Happiness is something that you will find. It lies within you and you need to imbibe it by your positive actions and perspectives' - Ranjana Kamo, The Mystery of Utmost Happiness.

We all want to be live a happy life and we try to achieve happiness in various ways and sometimes think how hard it is to attain happiness. But what we forget is that happiness is within us, all we have to do is seek it with utmost determination.

We at some point in our lives will be overwhelmed with all the stress, the burden of meeting the deadlines, family pressure and so on and we tend to give up our happiness for the sake of all these. This book divided into 24 chapters each focusing on equally important topics guides us towards achieving happiness without succumbing to the stress of modern life.

The author has explained each topic from her own experiences and gives us the most valuable tips and suggestions towards reaching our ultimate goal of finding happiness. This book takes us through different facets of human life, how it affects our lives and how to overcome it.

I like the way the author has included the topic Happy Old age which talks about how to be happy in our old age without sacrificing our happiness and desires when we are still young. The author gives a lot of basic and essential chores to practice, that is way too simple to look at but if practised one can achieve their goals in no time. All these tasks help in the personal and professional growth of a human being.

Although the book talks about a wide range of essential topics, you would have heard most of these through other sources. But overall it was a very good self-help book that helps you to achieve your utmost important goal of attaining happiness.

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