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Book Review #17 : Wesley Raccoon - The Old Man in the Houseboat by Michelle Porter

Author : Michelle Porter

Genre : Children's book

Ratings : ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐/5

This is my first time reviewing a children's book. Thanks author Michelle Porter for the review copy.

This book is about a Raccoon named Wesley who goes around scavenging for food. In any usual day he would find some bits of food around the city but one day he can't find any food. He continues to look around and decide to look at houseboats on the Canal. He sees an old boat and falls asleep on that. He is woken by an old man who is friendly and gives him food and tea which are his favorites. At first Wesley is afraid because he is scared by strangers but later they end up becoming friends. Even though they may look different, later realise they have a lot in common.

This a delightful and educational story. I liked this book very much and I think children, parents, grandparents and teachers everyone will enjoy this book.There are beautiful and colorful illustrations to accompany Wesley's journey, showing us what Amsterdam, the streets, houses and canals look like.

About Author :
As a mother to four grown boys, Michelle is passionate about writing captivating children’s stories on the importance of social acceptance, kindness, and life lessons. Her books focus on friendship, love, and self-awareness blossoming in a world that children understand.
Her warm-hearted approach to writing and whimsical use of watercolor illustrations connect with young creative minds, inspiring children of all ages. The message she conveys is simple yet powerful: “When we release our fear of the unknown and our preconceived notions, we free our hearts to find true friends, to love, and to grow.”

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