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Book Review #174: Standing Cemetery by Jack Sloat

Author: Jack Sloat

Genre: Fantasy Thriller

Ratings: ⭐⭐⭐⭐/5

This is a story of a warrior who is an half orc. The warrior due to his last battle with the white dragon had to lose his loved ones and now is left with his children alone. Being old and fragile he visits Standing cemetery and meets Lady Matilda who although looks like a human, is surrounded by magical creatures.

The story thus takes off from this point. The story is a very short read of just 17 pages which moved in fast pace and the climax is a bit shocking to the readers but I felt there is something more to the story and there might be a second part to it. I thought the story could have been made better to make it more interesting and felt if it could have been made into a novel.

The characters and the description was good. The language is simple and lucid. If you like to read short stories then you can pick this up.

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