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Book Review #182: Much Left to Right by Anadi

Author: Anadi

Genre: Fiction

Ratings: ⭐⭐⭐⭐/5

This story is a mirror image of the reality of the current situation in India that we are facing. It's very brave of the author to have taken up the real and grave scenarios in her book.

It talks about how the people especially farmers are being misled by certain vested interests for their political benefits and the effects that have on the lives of the poor.

The author through fictional characters tried to show us the cause and effect of certain decisions taken by the governments and I liked the fact that the author gives the opinions from both sides. We also see how even today at some places women are treated like a burden and slaves of men and how patriarchy is still persistent which is snatching the rights of women.

The book also talks about other serious issues and the rightist and leftist ideologies, opinions and differences and how that is leading our country nowhere. This book does give us a unique and brilliant narrative of these ideologies. I liked this book a lot and I recommend it to everyone who.

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