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Book Review #184: Together we were W(hole) by Namrata Gupta

Author: Namrata Gupta

Genre: Thriller

Ratings: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐/5

How do you feel when you are betrayed by the person whom you trusted and loved the most? It is the worst experience you can ever have in your life. We often see people cheating on others for their own benefits without thinking about the other person's emotions.

This is one such story of love, betrayal, revenge, emotions and thrill. The story is about Sanaya, a simple girl who falls in love with her colleague Siddharth. They loved each other with all their hearts. Everything is going well in their love life until one day when Sid wants to form a business partnership with Mr.Kashyap.

Sanaya tried her best to save her relationship but is only met with betrayal. Unable to take this betrayal she decides to take revenge on the people who caused trouble in her relationship. Will Sanaya be able to save her relationship with Sid? Will she be able to forgive Sid?

The story is very interesting to read and keeps you guessing the next plan of action of Sanaya. The narration is brilliant and the language is kept simple and lucid. The story feels so real that the readers can relate themselves to the story very much. The character changes of Sanya is very interesting and dynamic that is sure to grip the readers to the book. I enjoyed reading this book a lot.

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