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Book Review #188: In the Throat of Poppy by Jasleen Saini

Author: Jasleen Saini

Genre: Poetry

Ratings: ⭐⭐⭐⭐/5

'In the throat of Poppy' is a collection of epigrams and poems that talks about diverse themes like love, truth, feminism, relationships, betrayal and many more. I was most intrigued by the title and the cover photo that made me pick this book to read and I'm glad I did that.

The author conveys her thoughts very beautifully to the readers and the rich vocabulary of the book makes it more interesting to read. The author has used perfect words to convey the emotions.

Each and every poem is unique and beautiful. This book is a very short read which I finished in one sitting. I loved everything about this book. Others might find the language a but difficult to understand but most of them will enjoy this book for sure.

I enjoyed all the poems in this book that it's hard to pick a favourite. There is a lot of depth to each poem which touches the heart of the readers. This book is highly recommended for everyone.

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