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Book Review #189: Empowering Gurus by Sumathi Kulkarni

Author: Sumathi Kulkarni

Genre: Non-fiction

Ratings: ⭐⭐⭐⭐/5

Being a teacher is a job that requires you to keep learning forever. I know the efforts that a teacher puts into his/her profession as my mother and husband both are teachers themselves. Believe me its the toughest job you will ever find. They need to keep updating themselves with the ever-growing technology and changing curriculum to meet the standards of education and the developing mindset of the children.

The author Sumathi Kulkarni through her book Empowering Gurus shares the qualities and attributes that a teacher must possess in their profession. She shares different teaching techniques which can be adapted to make learning more child-friendly. She also shares how important it is for a teacher to be updated with modern technologies and techniques.

She explains different teaching techniques like teacher-centric, curriculum-centric, child-centric methods in detail and with both positive and negative consequences. The book explains about lesson planning, assignments and whether or not it's helpful for a child, skill development, how to understand and cater to the needs of a child and so on.

The author shares everything with her experience being a teacher herself. This book will be helpful to all the teachers who are looking for a little motivation and guidance. This book is highly recommended to all the teachers.

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