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Book Review #192 : Zero Bridge & The Hanging River by Dinkar Chopra

Author: Dinkar Chopra

Genre: Fiction

Ratings: ⭐⭐⭐⭐/5

This is the story of an anonymous protagonist and his voyage towards finding answers to his many unanswered questions. This story is a struggle of a young teenage boy who is smitten by his classmate but is unable to confess his love.

This story focuses on how love blooms amidst the violence and terror in the Kashmir Valley. The story shows how important it is to back to our roots. The conversation between the river Jhelum and the protagonist is very interesting to read.

The psychological impact of the terror on a teenager is narrated beautifully. One might get a nostalgic feel and could connect with the protagonist in instances like the feelings you get when moving out to a different city due to various circumstances and rush of emotions when you go back to your roots.

The language and vocabulary are really good and the narration is very captivating. The cover pic and the title are very apt for the story for which it conveys exactly what the story is all about. I liked this story and the concept very much. Indeed a pretty good start to a new year.

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