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Book Review #194: Tapestry Of Life Cadences by Prabhupad Mishra

Author: Prabhupad Mishra

Genre: Short stories, poetry

Ratings: ⭐⭐⭐⭐/5

This book comprises of short stories, poems and proses which are written in both English and Hindi. The stories focus on various themes like love, heartbreak, father's love for his daughter, family etc.

Each story or poem is very unique and some are open-ended. The topics chose by the author for the stories are very intriguing and the language is simple and lucid. The way the author has narrated these simple yet intriguing stories is just awesome.

I liked the letter from a father to his daughter most. The poems in Hindi is just as good as those in English. The cover pic is very beautiful and the title is very apt for the book. Although it needs a little more editing this was a very pleasant read.

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