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Book Review #198: 80 Days Since February 3 by Mehak Aggarwal

Author: Mehak Aggarwal

Genre: Poems, prose

Ratings: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐/5

"If you are someone like me, I understand your pain. If you know someone like me, try to understand theirs."

- Mehak Aggarwal, 80 days since Feb 3

This is not just any poetry or fiction book. This book is a journey of the author in her own words. We hear so many incidences of molestation around us but never dare to imagine the life of the victim after that incident. Only a few of those who have gone through such cruelty dares to move on with their lives, whereas many others struggle throughout their lives to forget that particular incident.

The author who has gone through a similar tragic incident in her life shares her journey on how she overcame her fears and tried to move on in her life after that incident. Kudos to the author for being brave and courageous.

The author has penned down her emotions so beautifully that the readers could feel those emotions rising in them. The author has written about anger, hope, life, love, trust and so on. This is a very emotional journey but at the same time, you feel proud of the author to have shown the confidence to overcome her fears and forget the heinous past and move on with life.

This book could be a guide to all those who suffered similar past and struggle to take the lead of their lives. I loved the way the author has written her story. I'm so glad that I read this book.

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