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Book review #2 : Overthinking by Anthony Heston

Author : Anthony Heston Genre 🌼: Self development / self help Ratings : ⭐⭐⭐⭐. 5/5

🌺If u find yourself Overthinking everything, procrastinating always this book is definitely for you. 🌺Author Anthony Heston gives us practical approaches to deal with procrastination and Overthinking and achieve success. 🌺🌺He explains in 5 chapters, the methods for ending destructive cycle of excessive worrying, as he puts it, which leads to procrastination and problems in our personal and professional life. 🌻" Overthinking is a habit that took time to develop, as such, replacing those habits with new ones will take time as well". 🍀 Chapter 1 : Prepare for Success

Instead of falling into negative feedback loop like thinking about where your day went wrong or the mistake you did a long ago that could be causing your failure, just spend few minutes at night to prepare for tomorrow.

Spending few minutes on what you will make for lunch and what dress you will be wearing to office and getting it ready will instill in you positive feelings and helps you in focus on your day ahead instead of thinking about failures of yesterday.

🍀 Chapter 2 : Accept not being in control

We cannot control everything that happens in our lives but we can control our actions to anything. This chapter will provide examples of situations where you may find yourself ruminating on what you have done wrong to cause the problem and offer alternative thought processes to end the cycle of destructive thinking.

🍀 Chapter 3 : Face your fear

This chapter gives us some realistic examples to face irrational fear which is the root cause of procrastination and Overthinking and take steps to overcome it.

🍀 Chapter 4 : Physically stop the cycle

Changing of thought pattern doesn't happen overnight, and in order to avoid constant worrying make changes in physical habits. Instead of watching TV or surfing net, you can distract your mind through activities that you like... It may be exercise, running, biking etc.,

🍀 Chapter 5 : Practice mindfulness daily

This chapter will focus on mental exercises that will help you to transform your thinking and therefore your life. He asks us to practice following: 🌼Self awareness : Practicing self awareness by finding out the triggers that cause anger, fear. 🌼Reminding ourselves with positivity throughout the day. 🌼 Practice Gratitude 🌼 Practice meditation

🌺Remember the 5 P’s: Proper Preparation Prevents Poor Performance. Have you read this book yet?? Share your thoughts in comments section. 💥Follow me @ Website :

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