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Book Review #20 : Look at the Star in You by Namasvi Bandarupalli

Author : Namasvi Bandarupalli

Genre : Short stories

Ratings : ⭐⭐⭐⭐/5

We all have what it takes to be a shining star in our lives. But we often underestimate our strengths and abilities due to ignorance or the fear of what others think. We often sacrifice our dreams for the sake of other's happiness.

Everybody is different and has a unique story, but we always compare ourselves to people who have achieved more success and try to imitate them which neither gives you happiness nor satisfaction that you are looking for.

And with advance of technology, we did improve our lives a lot, also our careers but at the same time we made ourselves so busy that we lost the companionship of the ones that we love.

Author Namasvi in her beautiful collection of 7 short stories shows us how we can become a true shining star if we show the courage to choose what we want to do and venture in the path of success.

This book has 7 short stories which shows us the lives of different people from an Airforce Pilot to classical singer to furniture maker to cinematographer etc. Each story is different in its own way and showcases how each of them took efforts to make their dreams and aspirations come true.

The narration of the book is really simple and easy to understand. And I really liked how the author has tried to prove that all of us can shine as bright as a star with her simple yet intimidating stories.

I recommend this book to all.

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