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Book Review #201: Yashasvi Bharat by Mohan Bhagawat

Author: Mohan Bhagawat

Genre: Region and Countries

Ratings: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐/5

To know a person or an organisation completely, we need to be associated with that person or organisation in some way and take a closer look at their work. Just like that, we may have heard many things about RSS from many people and we may have a different perspective towards it but to understand it better you need to work closely with it and learn by yourself what exactly is RSS and how it works.

'Yashasvi Bharat' by RSS chief Mohan Bhagawat gives us insight into how the people associated with RSS strive towards the betterment of the country and how it exactly works. RSS chief through his decades of working experience with the RSS gives us the glimpse of the working culture of RSS and the initiatives taken by them.

The book also talks about various things like women empowerment, how an individual can contribute to making a better India, Unity in diversity, Non-violence and so on. It has a dedicated chapter to Dr.Ambedkar, his dreams about India, ideologies and his relationship with the RSS.

This book has various speeches by RSS chief Mohan Bhagawat which aims to cultivate patriotism in every Indian. This book is a must-read for everyone who love our country and who dreams about a better India in every way should definitely read this book.

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