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Book Review #21 : Revolt of the Rats by Reed Blitzerman

Author : Reed Blitzerman

Genre : Dark Fantasy

Ratings : ⭐⭐⭐. 5/5

When I took this book to read and saw the cover photo first thing I thought was that this book is all about rats and their revolt about something.

Well I was wrong. Yes it talks about rats but not the kind of rats that is on the cover. The author has used a metaphor here. It talks about factory rats who work for hard in factories with little to no satisfaction and also about war in the horizon, not in the same timelines.

This is the first part of the four-part dark fantasy series, so this book is just the setup or like an trailer for the rest of the series. We are introduced to so many characters and introductions but not all of them have part in this book. I suppose we get to read more of them in the upcoming series. This book takes us to two different timelines, pre World War II and the late 90's.

The pre- world war is about Steiner family whose main work is on the farm and how troubles bound them.

Late 90's talks about Kahle's world, who can sense the aura of danger and death from childhood and after service in Bosnia leaves the Army and takes up a job in a factory just to be near the woman he's obsessed with and want to gain her love and affection who doesn't exactly share his feelings.

I liked the narration and description of characters which was not too dragged but I thought characters were a little shallow. Although the plot was little confusing at first few pages I did understand the story later on. As I said earlier this is just the first part of the series, the author has introduced so many characters but not much information about them and I found it little difficult to connect with them.

The timelines does confuse the readers and you can't really keep up with various stories that's going on. There is no connection between different storylines but I guess we will get know about it in the upcoming series.

Overall a good read.

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Disclaimer : I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. So the above is my honest opinion of what I felt while reading the book and I am doing it voluntarily.