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Book Review #22 : Tinted Tales by Akanksha Shukla

Author : Akanksha Shukla

Genre : Short stories, fiction

Ratings : ⭐⭐⭐⭐/5

First of all I need to appreciate the author Akanksha Shukla for writing this book. You can never believe this is her debut book. Her way of writing is amazing. And I loved the cover of the book so much.

Tinted Tales is a collection of 10 short stories that take you back to your childhood memories and make you relive that wonderful memories. It shows how a child's mind thinks about each situation. Each story is different in its own way and i loved all the stories.

If I had to pick my favorite, I would go with ‘Wounded Wings’ and ‘The Pink Dream’. Wounded Wings is about an incident that any child would want to forget but will remain forever in their subconscious. You will be surprised with the sudden twist and can't stop thinking about experiencing such a horrific situation at an young age.

‘The Pink Dream’ on the other hand is a cute and adorable tale about a little girl’s dream to own a pair of heels. Her mother tells her that they are not good for children but she liked them so much. The story shows how small and innocent dreams, could mean the world to a child.

I loved the unique way how Akanksha has explained each and every thing in a detailed way. I could actually relate myself with most of the stories like hoe just eating imli would bring smile to our face, how watching movies on VCR was a huge thing those days when you didn't have TV and many such things.

I really loved this book and I'm sure you will too. So If you enjoy short stories and want to take a trip down memory lane and if you love dreams then give Tinted Tales a shot. It is available on Amazon Kindle and Kindle Unlimited.

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